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Becton Dickinson
We appreciate your dedication and the extra effort you gave to our meeting!

Patty B.
Becton Dickinson

Thanks for a great job!  I have to admit it was more difficult this time because of the number of presenters we had but as usual you guys pulled it off for us.

Sr. Director, Marketing Communications

Jefferson Food Co-op
On Behalf of the Jefferson Co-Op, I want to thank you for the wonderful service for our group's case sharing forum.

Jefferson Food Co-Op

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Meetings On the Net 

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When should I use a service like yours?
When you want a communications portal that allows you to update information on your pages via the web, communicte to your audience via professional web seminars and continue reaching them through our easy to use managed integrated services.

What is Update On the Net?
What is Update On the Net?
  • Update On the Net is a business development tool that gives you a professional presence on the Internet, that works!

  • Update On the Net will give access to a professional and efficient Web Content Management System.

  • Update On the Net is actually one very large, powerful tried and tested website and you only pay for what you need.  This means a much lower cost compared to that of having an individually developed professionally comparable website.

  • Update On the Net offers the option to scale the cost and the functionality, up or down very quickly, so reducing the risks involved in having a professional website.

  • Update On the Net allows you to do changes and updates very easily and very quickly, and at no additional cost.

  • Update On the Net is a system that is very quick to set up and can be ready to start taking content and pictures within weeks.

  • Update On the Net has its own dynamic database built into its' backbone and so it is able to collect and export information, take orders, personalise literature, use e-commerce and automate marketing.  All on-line and all for the purpose of generating business.

  • Update On the Net helps you integrate the Internet and business development in a way that just has not been affordable before.

  • Update On the Net can be used as the upgrade platform for an existing on line presence, so protecting any investment already made. 

  • Update On the Net creates a significant competitive edge and is quick to generate results.

  • Update On the Net is the next step towards the future of business.

Virtual Events

What is an "audio-only virtual seminar?
These are live and interactive seminars conducted over the telephone like a regular face-to-face seminar or event with the exception that one cannot see the speakers or other attendees. The telephone continues to be the most reliable medium for live, interactive audio


Compelling Reasons

In the current world environment, what is the most compelling reason for a participant to attend an Internet Seminar?

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