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Becton Dickinson
We appreciate your dedication and the extra effort you gave to our meeting!

Patty B.
Becton Dickinson

On behalf of all the staff at CMS, thank you for your business and support this past year.

Frank Schiavelli
Curry, Martin , Schiavelli Inc.

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26 May 2004
Using IM
Instant messaging combines real-time communications with the brevity and ease of email. Initially a business application, then hijacked by teens, its utility is being reclaimed by mobile professionals. Christopher Saunders, managing editor of Jupitermedia's, suggests using IM to

  • Detect the availability of contacts without waiting for e-mail response.
  • Avoid getting hung up in phone tag or voicemail.
  • Speed decision-making and manage problems expediently.
  • Share files, collaborate in real time.
  • Gather information and make decisions while enroute from meeting to meeting.
To take full advantage of IM:
  • Be religious about using settings that let folks know when you're unavailable or on a mobile device.
  • Choose your IM program based on what your contacts use. Different IM systems don't talk to each other.
  • Urge colleagues to use it: The value of IM increases as more users exploit it.
  • Don't expect privacy. Messages are easily copied, pasted and shared.
  • Watch what you say. It feels informal, so your filters drop, increasing the risk of blunders. Remember: it's still business.

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