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Becton Dickinson
We appreciate your dedication and the extra effort you gave to our meeting!

Patty B.
Becton Dickinson

Jefferson Food Co-op
On Behalf of the Jefferson Co-Op, I want to thank you for the wonderful service for our group's case sharing forum.

Jefferson Food Co-Op

On behalf of all the staff at CMS, thank you for your business and support this past year.

Frank Schiavelli
Curry, Martin , Schiavelli Inc.

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What is

Make your programs last with our Broadcast on the Net archive web solution... adding a 24/7 RESOURCE LIBRARY to your Internet presence.

Broadcast on the Net allows the Business Community to view presentations at any time of day or night. You can offer your audience unmatched convenience in accessing people and programs they would otherwise miss due to busy schedules.

Utilize our cost-effective audio-and-video or audio-only Internet streaming service to archive pertinent presentations for corporate professionals you need to reach. Display synchronized charts and slides - just like a live presentation. A full complement of web services, described below, enables you to broadcast presentations to your target audience and gather all necessary follow-up information.

Virtually any type of program is suitable for archiving. Prime examples include:

  • Educational seminars
  • Executive leader discussions
  • Sales force communications meetings 
  • Training sessions
  • Client marketing solutions
  • Product introductions and follow up
  • Incentive programs

If your program was worth putting on in the first place, why not share it with a broader audience?

Although Broadcast on the Net is a standalone product, it was designed to closely integrate with Present on the Net, our live Internet meeting solution, and Forum on the Net, our message board community. For example, if you held an on line conference with Present on the Net, you could make an archive available on your web site for those who couldn't originally participate. It's similar to making a videotape or audiotape after-the-fact - but with far less hassle, and with far broader reach.

Our Process

We begin by exploring your audience base and then work with you to design a program format that meets your needs. Next, we create your web site, set up the program in the proper streaming format(s), host the presentations with tech support, and manage all post-event information gathering, such as post-tests, evaluations, surveys, compliance, on line certification, etc. Once the information is in, we supply you with customized reports. And nobody is left guessing - we provide automatic email notification to participants at all key points throughout the process.

As an added plus, we can provide the format that  is right for you! Either as an economical branded Broadcast on the Net or as a completely customized program under your own logo and through your own web portal, the choice is yours!


  • Secure online registration and login
  • Dedicated web site with modular design and ability to expand services
  • Multiple players supported: Flash, Quicktime, REALPlayer, MediaPlayer, WebEx
  • Synchronized visual support for slides, charts and graphics
  • Archived programs hosted 24/7 on dedicated streaming servers with scalable viewing resources
  • Self-grading post-tests, customized surveys, evaluations, online compliance and certification.
  • Comprehensive tracking/reporting with online reports downloadable to Excel
  • Automatic email notification at all user points of contact

In short, we offer a complete turnkey, self-running program package. Then back it up with The Birchwood Group team facilitating your presence throughout the entire customer experience.

Broadcast on the Net can extend your reach and make your programs last!   Let our expertise work for you... On the Net.

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Austin Marketing Firm Earns Honors for Ad Campaign

J&L Marketing Joins Chrysler MarketCenter as a Preferred Supplier

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Compelling Reasons

In the current world environment, what is the most compelling reason for a participant to attend an Internet Seminar?
Caliber of Speaker
30% (80)
Subject /Topic for discussion
9% (23)
Ease of Access-Desktop
5% (14)
Time Savings
18% (49)
No need to travel
25% (66)
Incentive Offering
12% (33)

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