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Thanks for a great job!  I have to admit it was more difficult this time because of the number of presenters we had but as usual you guys pulled it off for us.

Sr. Director, Marketing Communications

Becton Dickinson
We appreciate your dedication and the extra effort you gave to our meeting!

Patty B.
Becton Dickinson

Jefferson Food Co-op
On Behalf of the Jefferson Co-Op, I want to thank you for the wonderful service for our group's case sharing forum.

Jefferson Food Co-Op

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What is

Make any program a springboard for ongoing discussion with our Forum On the Net online community, a full-featured threaded message board.

This communications tool gives you the ability to create a new or extend an already existing program. Your audience within the Business Community will be empowered to interact with colleagues at one central location on the web. With Forum On the Net, your participants can continue the exchange for weeks and months afterwards.

It's easy for users to log on to Forum On the Net, choose the desired topic, and review and post comments. But Forum On the Net is more than your ordinary bulletin board system. Participants can upload and download Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, photos and URLs. The result? - Forum On the Net becomes a valuable repository of ongoing program information or seminar follow-up information. For example, after a recent Present On the Net live conference we quickly posted web links to pertinent websites referenced by speakers.

As with all our programs, we provide the format that is right for you. Choose an economical Forum On the Net entered through our web site, or a completely customized message board under your own logo that users access through your own web portal.

Behind the scenes, you are in control throughout. The "moderated board" option allows you to review all posts and screen them to determine if they are appropriate for your audience. In addition, all posts and uploads are recorded for future review and can be delivered to you for archiving.

Want to open up a chat room an hour a week for interactive discussion?  That's just one of the many customization features we offer.

Forum On the Net is a very cost-effective vehicle for extending the life of a live Internet seminar or for gathering pertinent information to enhance any program's overall results. Virtually any type of project is suitable. Prime examples include:

  • Educational seminars
  • Executive leader discussions
  • Sales force communications meetings 
  • Training sessions
  • Client marketing solutions
  • Product introductions and follow up
  • Incentive programs

Although Forum On the Net is a standalone product, it was designed to closely integrate with Present On the Net, Birchwood's live Internet meeting solution. For example, if you hold an on line conference series with Present On the Net, you can offer Forum On the Net for follow-up discussions and interaction.

But don't keep Forum On the Net a secret! We recommend featuring Forum On the Net in your announcement materials as an inducement to prospective attendees.
Forum On the Net a great way to extend and enhance your programs! Let our expertise work for you... On the Net.

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